“This is exactly what our home has been lacking.”

– Jason H., sillypinky customer

Utterly stunning art piece like you’ve never imagined before

Recreated by our in house creative designers, they will turn your ordinary photos into awesome digital drawings.

Great for portraits and close up photos! All artworks are canvas print ready.

Choose your preferred option.



Turn Moment Into Masterpiece

Why let your favorite images turn into cyber dusts when you can turn them into beautiful drawings?

Here at sillypinky, we would love to recreate your treasured photos into breath taking, timeless art pieces that you can be proud of.

Send your images to us and let us do the magic.

This Month Special

What better way to decorate than giving your home a new decor it deserves. Grab one of the following.

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A 35% discount worth $14 just for you. Choose this if all you want is a single drawing with a lower price tag. Great for fence sitter who having a hard time to decide. No coupon needed.

Buy 1 Free 1

Get a free drawing! One for you and one for your loved one. Best value per dollar! *Free drawing can be redeemed after completion of main drawing. Click to read more

Whether a discount or a free drawing you’re after, we’ve got them all. Or if you’re feeling generous you just could grab the regular. 

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What's Included

Each of your order comes standard with these features.

Canvas Print Ready

Nothing frustrates more than having a gorgeous drawing that just can’t be printed on canvas due to inability to meet printer’s minimum requirement.

All sillypinky’s drawing are guaranteed to match printer’s specification.

Rest assured you’ll have a trouble free experience should you want to print your drawing on a canvas or a poster for that matter.

Generous 18″ Size

Do you need 18″? Certainly you don’t. You can get away with a regular 12″… But what’s the use of a beautiful drawing if it can’t be properly viewed and shared?

With 18″ you get much bigger real estate, wider view angle and it can certainly be enjoyed with everyone else.

Needless to say a 18″ decor can be fitted at home without much problem for most people.

High Definition Drawing

One of the most important factors to consider when printing is DPI, or dots per inch, specifically printer dots per inch. The more dots, the higher the quality of the print.

Choosing the correct DPI can dictate between a good and a bad print.

Like with all large format prints, starting with a high quality image is critical for getting great results.

Here at sillypinky we have standardized all our drawings to be at to 300 DPI for accurate reproduction on canvas. Anything below than this will generally result in degraded quality and fuzzed out drawings.

Universal JPEG Format

To guarantee the quality of your finished drawings on canvas prints and to avoid issues such as pixelation, we have made it compulsory that all drawings are to be saved in JPEG format with the highest quality compression comes default in order to limit data loss to your drawing.

JPEG or sometime referred as JPG is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group, and is the most popular among the image formats used on the world.

Although we can output your drawing as PNG file, this file type is not recommended for print graphics.

7 Days Turnaround

Each of your item is made to order. This gives your art piece a unique meaning that is special to you.

As with any made to order, it does slightly take a longer time than the usual. We really appreciate you patience and understanding.

You can expect your drawing to be completed and ready to be downloaded within 7 days. That’s our promise.

30 Days Support

Enjoy a worry free purchase when you order any of our service. All drawings made by sillypinky come with a “30 Days Post Purchase Support”.

If you have any problem or question about your drawing then we’ll be more than happy to sort it out for you.

You’ll get a friendly reply, usually within 1-2 business days. We’re just one click away. Try us at

Money Back Guarantee

Yes. Our drawings are awesome. We admit it. But not everyone will like with what we’ve done with his/her photos (the final look of it).

And we totally get it. We understand it. If we’re in your shoes we’re probably would’ve felt the same.

As an artist, we want you to be happy with your purchase and enjoy your drawings for years to come.

Let’s put it this way. After you have received the preview of your drawing and you aren’t satisfied with it you can request for a full refund. We’ll honor it.

Otherwise, if you’re okay with the preview we’ll then send you the final drawing.

If you request for a refund after we’ve submitted the final drawing than we’re sorry to say that we just can’t fulfill it.

Personal Usage License

Your drawing is solely for personal use. Personal use is defined as use that is not for commercial gain.

For commercial use such as promotional, endorsement, advertising or merchandising purposes please consult us for pricing.

Portrait Before And After Showcase

Our drawing styles are great for portrait, headshot and close up photos. To make sure your drawings turn out excellent please make sure your photo does fall into any category mentioned above.

If your image doesn’t fit in any of those, fret not! You can crop it with any app or software prior submitting to us.

Feel free to play with the sliders below to see before and after images.

More pictures can be found here -> Click Me (new window)

Your questions answered

How it works?

1. Place your order buy clicking that big button and complete your checkout.

2. Upon successful transaction you will receive two email from sillypinky.

a) Order receipt email – this contains your receipt and details of the order

b) Input email – titled “Would love your input” is the email where you need to pay attention and reply back

3. After receiving the photo/image we’ll begin to work on it. You will receive a preview copy before we submit the final drawing.

Turnaround time

Each of your item is made to order, which gives your art piece a unique meaning that is specific and special to you.

As with any made to orders these kind of items require more time to be completed. We appreciate your understanding.

Here’s our current turn around time for our service.

Digital Delivery

Deliver and ready for immediate download within 7 days.



We accept major credit card and debit card through Stripe.

We also accept PayPal (soon).

If you don’t have a PayPal account you can create one during checkout or you just can simply checkout as a guest.



We offer 100% refund for your digital orders.

However take note that request for refund must be made prior submission of final drawing. Once we have submit the final drawing we can’t accept any request. Hope you’ll understand.

Because of the nature of these item we can’t accept returns for custom or personalized digital / downloadable orders.

Image Guidelines

Not all images are created equal. Sometimes the reproduced images may not turned the way exactly as images showcased here. There are many factors to be considered such as sizes, dimension, objects, lighting, tone, contrast etc.

Where possible always upload images between 1000px – 5000px high/wide. You can check the dimension by viewing the properties/detail of the image.

We do accept smaller images (less than 1000px) but with these kind of images they requires more attention. The process involved is a little bit trickier and takes slightly longer to be completed.

Make sure your images are not too dark and not too bright. Photos with good color variation and contrast tend to work best.

We occasionally may run into hiccups which requires more time thus leading into delay in submission. Should these happen we’ll notify you in advance.

Among the tools we’ve used to help me recreate your newly images vivid and livelier are PC, stylus and graphic software.


Large Drawing

Wows everyone with a larger print out!

Does size matter? Of course it does. Large canvases are exactly what you need to make an impact in your home.

But a larger canvas is an absolute garbage if the image printing is terribly pixelated. To avoid this you’re going to need a larger artwork.

If you need a bigger size than what we’re currently offer which is 18″ then this is for you.

* This upgrade is available during check out

Revision (Soon)

Please take note that we do not offer revision to your preview copy (draft) or your final artwork. 

If you think that you’re going to need revision then please choose revision add on during checkout as this is included in the work scope.

* This is an add on and need to be purchased separately.


Object Removal (Soon)

We’re currently providing customization as is basis. What we mean by that is we’ll customize your supplied image in its entirety.

If you need to remove the background or want to get rid a certain object from the photos then this will fit your requirement.

Unsure whether you’ll be needing this or not? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

* This is an add on and need to be purchased separately.


What our customers are saying

Recreate your treasured image into a beautiful work of art

Send your photo to us and our creative monsters will digitally recreate it into an utterly stunning art piece like you’ve never imagined before.

Print your new personalized photo at your local print shop or preferred online store.

Liven up your room with your newly art piece created by sillypinky. Hang your new custom photo on the wall, place it on the shelf or wherever you may see it fit.

A must have for you who want a simple yet fabulous decor for your living room and bedroom.

Click the button below to order now.

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